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Welcome to Takeshi's personal web!

This page introduces myself, with a slight focus on my research and development activities in the area of Internet security. The widespread proliferation of the Internet is bolstering the development of a cyber society, in which diverse communications, including the sharing of private information and business transactions, are taking place. Nevertheless, it has also increased the number of cyber threats and diversified their targets and objectives. To cope with that, I am currently working on technical solutions on cybersecurity.

Takeshi Takahashi

Who am I?
Takeshi Takahashi is a person who
  • holds a Ph.D. in telecommunication,
  • researches on the Internet Security,
  • teaches a course on information security,
  • serves as co-chair of IETF MILE working group,
  • loves axioms and maxims,
  • loves traveling and inter-cultural communication,
  • loves Finland and Germany, where I have lived for a couple of years.
See my profile if you wish to know more about me.
Meetings and appointments?
If you need my time, feel free to contact me. The calendar below shows some of my schedule. If your google account has received some access right to some of my calenders, you may be able to see more detailed schemdule of mine by logging into your google account.

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